Norma Christie King Balances Full-Time Job and Graduates with Honors from California Baptist University

Alongside her full-time duties as Administrative Coordinator for Affordable Housing & Clinical Services at Westminster Communities of Florida, Norma Christie King has achieved a significant milestone by graduating from California Baptist University. Her pursuit of higher education over the last two years was supported by Westminster’s Tuition Reimbursement Program.

Current team members who enroll in courses at accredited institutions can take advantage of the program’s reimbursement benefit, which supports those seeking to advance their careers. After a rigorous two-year period, taking four classes each semester online alongside her full-time job, Norma has now obtained a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership.

“At Westminster, there are opportunities for growth whether it be on-the-job training, learning from our high cadre of leaders, or through professional development at universities or community colleges,” Norma said. “The tuition reimbursement program helps cushion those stressful moments as you further your education!”

Despite the challenges of managing her studies and full-time employment, Norma’s consistently high grades each semester motivated her to keep up her efforts. Her dedication was recognized with her induction into the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society, honoring her academic excellence and leadership among her peers.

“Norma did a beautiful job of balancing her professional workload and her studies simultaneously,” said Westminster Communities of Florida Human Resources Manager Donna Seide. “She is an integral part of our organization, and her performance did not budge while she was studying for her degree.”

Norma actively engaged in dialogues about different ideas and strategies with Donna and fellow team members.

“I received support not only from the Tuition Reimbursement Program, but also from various people that if I had an assignment I was doing, I would ask, ‘What do you think of this?’” Norma said. “I could share my ideas and I would learn something.”

Norma started a degree in business administration in Jamaica but switched to an associate degree when her husband fell ill. Following her husband’s passing, Norma sought the academic program that best aligned with her goals. After thoughtful consideration and prayer, she began her studies in organizational leadership in January 2022, leveraging credits from her associate degree while continuing her full-time job.

“Norma is driven, dedicated, and motivated. She demonstrates a high level of professionalism and ensures that any project she is involved with is executed flawlessly,” Donna said. “Aside from being a wonderful professional and co-worker, Norma shines in her role as a mother to her adult son, Jaime.”

Thanks to the Tuition Reimbursement Program, both Norma and her son were able to attend her graduation ceremony in California. Embodying a spirit of relentless pursuit of knowledge, Norma shared her philosophy, “My head is always open – I want to know, I want to learn.”

Her advice to others? “Never stop learning. Upgrade yourself at all times. Your personal development is what you have,” Norma said. This mindset not only propelled her through her academic challenges but continues to inspire her professional growth and personal achievements.

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