Westminster Lakeland Cuts Ribbon On New Name, Celebrates Joining Westminster Family

Following a ceremonial ribbon-cutting, residents, team members and distinguished guests celebrate the community joining the Westminster Communities of Florida family

LAKELAND, May 30, 2024 – Today, Westminster Lakeland officially celebrated its new name and affiliation with Westminster Communities of Florida. The community, formerly known as Florida Presbyterian Homes, is a Life Plan Community serving more than 250 residents, and now part of the not-for-profit family of 23 communities throughout Florida.

Following a program of special remarks by distinguished guests such as Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz, LeadingAge Southeast President Steve Bahmer and Westminster Communities of Florida Chief Executive Officer Terry Rogers, the community celebrated with a special ribbon-cutting and outdoor party.

The affiliation between Florida Presbyterian Homes and Westminster Communities of Florida was first announced in September 2023. These two not-for-profit organizations share a common Presbyterian heritage, and Westminster Lakeland was founded in 1955, just one year after Westminster Communities of Florida’s establishment in Bradenton in 1954.

“Today is a very special day in the history of Westminster, and I couldn’t be more pleased to call all of you family!” said Terry Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of Westminster Communities of Florida.

Executive Director Doug Pinson led the event as master of ceremonies, and he said that the entire Westminster Lakeland community had been enthusiastic to hold the celebration. “We’ve been waiting for this day to come for a ribbon-cutting,” Pinson said. “From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for being here today and celebrating with us. This is a very special time, and I couldn’t be more humbled to be a part of this and proud to be a member of the team.”

Meanwhile, Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz celebrated the community’s extensive history in Lakeland. “This has been such a wonderful organization and community for so many years, and has been so life-enriching,” he said. “I am incredibly grateful that this community will be here for the future needs.”

Lucia Solomon, Westminster Lakeland’s Resident Council President, said that she was delighted to welcome all of those in attendance. “It is my pleasure to welcome you to Westminster Lakeland, a beloved community with a new name,” Solomon said. “Thank you for being here!”

The ceremonial ribbon-cutting was performed by Ms. Solomon. The ceremony also featured a blessing from the Rev. Dr. Etta Owens, chaplain at Westminster Lakeland, and a benediction from the Rev. Richard Huggins, a resident at the community.

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