Westminster Communities of Florida enters into affiliation agreement with Florida Presbyterian Homes of Lakeland

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an affiliation agreement with Florida Presbyterian Homes, a Life Plan Community in Lakeland, Fla. CEO Terry Rogers said, “We’re honored and delighted to be welcoming Florida Presbyterian Homes into the Westminster family, and to extend our mission of service to their residents.” Read all about the announcement today.


Nourish Your Brain: 5 Superfoods to Keep You Healthy

Do you want to keep your brain healthy and age gracefully? Eating the right food can make a big difference. We’re exploring five superfoods that can help you do just that. From fish to dark chocolate, read on to learn how you can incorporate these brain-boosting foods into your diet and reap the benefits of a healthier brain and body.

1. Fish

Fish are among the most important sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain health. Omega-3s have been linked to improved cognitive health in several decades’ worth of research. Those who eat fish regularly tend to have more gray matter in their brains containing the nerve cells responsible for decision making and memory. Omega-3s can be found in a variety of fish including salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, anchovies, herring and trout among other fish. A diet rich in omega-3 fats may help lower cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation throughout your body and promote muscle growth – all important aspects of staying healthy into our later years.

2. Berries

Berries are a superfood for brain health and healthy aging, with research linking regular consumption to lower risk of type 2 diabetes and heart attack plus possessing some brain-protecting qualities. The antioxidants found in berries can help protect the brain from oxidative stress and inflammation, which can lead to cognitive decline as we age. Studies have shown that eating blueberries in particular may help improve memory, motor skills, balance and coordination. They’ve also been linked to improved moods and increased alertness.

Including berries as part of your daily diet is easy: try sprinkling them over your breakfast cereal or adding them to a smoothie for an extra boost of flavor and nutrition. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy them as is for a simple snack or dessert. Frozen berries make a great option too – just be sure to check the packaging for added sugar content before buying!

3. Leafy greens

Leafy greens are an essential part of a diet for brain health and healthy aging. Green vegetables like spinach, kale, chard, and collard greens are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals that have been found to be beneficial for cognitive health. They are also high in folate (or vitamin B9), which plays an important role in brain development and function.

The fiber content of leafy greens helps regulate glucose levels in the body by slowing down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream after eating carbohydrates. Fiber also supports cardiovascular health. Whether you enjoy them steamed or raw (in salads), adding more leafy greens into your daily diet is one way you can help ensure your brain stays healthy now and into the future.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is a popular spice commonly used in Indian cuisine, and it has been gaining recognition for its many health benefits. This deep-yellow spice is packed with antioxidants that help to protect the brain from damage caused by free radicals. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce inflammation in the body and brain, while also protecting against age-related cognitive decline.

In addition to its neuroprotective effects, turmeric also helps to support cardiovascular health and helps regulate blood sugar levels – two factors which are important for optimal brain function. It is safe to consume daily either as an ingredient in food or as a supplement form (always check with your healthcare provider before adding any new supplements). Adding more turmeric into your diet on a regular basis could be one simple way to ensure you are getting all the benefits this powerful spice has to offer.

5. Nuts

Nuts provide a wealth of essential nutrients that help to protect the brain from damage, reduce inflammation, and improve cognitive function. Nuts contain healthy fats which can help reduce levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood, thus improving heart health. The antioxidants found in nuts also have anti-inflammatory properties which may contribute to improved memory and concentration.

Nuts are also a great source of protein and fiber, both of which play an important role in maintaining good mental health. A diet high in fiber is associated with lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, obesity, and depression – all conditions that can affect brain health negatively over time. Eating just one or two handfuls of mixed nuts per day can significantly improve alertness and concentration throughout the day. Having a few servings each week will go a long way towards keeping your brain healthy now and into the future!

Enjoy Life to the Fullest with Nutritious Foods

Eating these superfoods regularly will help you achieve a healthier brain and body, allowing you to age gracefully and enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t feel like preparing these nutritious, brain healthy foods yourself? Residents at Westminster Life Plan Communities enjoy café style, grab-and-go and restaurant-style dining, all with nutritious and seasonal menus. Our talented dining team members design delectable menus highlighting seasonal, locally grown ingredients, and find opportunities to highlight cuisine from all around the world. Learn how you can enjoy our menus and find a community near you today!

Pursuing Personal Passions with the Team Member Scholarship Fund

This fall, more than 1 million students will attend Florida’s colleges and universities, with the many associated costs. The average student will borrow more than $7,200 each year to attend college. For Westminster Communities of Florida team members and their family members, however, a few minimum requirements and an application are all that stand between them and access to educational aid to pursue their educational goals.

Each year, Westminster’s Team Member Scholarship Fund provides more than 75 scholarships to team members throughout the state and raises more than $150,000 to support team members now and in the future.

“We have money! We have over $100,000 to distribute and we want to get rid of it,” said Ray Petty, chair of the Team Member Scholarship Fund Committee at Westminster Suncoast, our Life Plan Community in St. Petersburg.

The committee has approved nine scholarships in the last 12 months at Westminster Suncoast, just one of Westminster’s 10 Life Plan Communities. Other communities have many participants too: In 2023 alone, the Team Member Scholarship Fund distributed almost 60 scholarships and just shy of $110,000 of educational aid state-wide. In Orlando, a Certified Nursing Assistant at Westminster Towers is attending the registered nurse program at City College Orlando; Westminster St. Augustine’s Social Services and Admissions Director is taking on a Ph.D. program at Keiser University; and a Dining Server at Westminster Shores is pursuing a degree in psychology at St. Petersburg College, all with the help of the Team Member Scholarship Funds.

These funds are generous tax-deductible gifts made by residents wishing to express their appreciation for team members. Their donations provide financial aid for qualified team members to engage in post-high school educational studies at local universities, colleges and professional training centers. The scholarship also extends to family members who are financially dependent on the team member.

Registered Nurse Gabina Jean was introduced to the Team Member Scholarship Fund when her daughter Gabriella started college. Gabina has been caring for patients in the Rapid Recovery Unit at Westminster Woods on Julington Creek, our Life Plan Community in Jacksonville, since 2012, and after utilizing the fund to assist with her daughter’s college education, Gabina was encouraged to apply for the scholarship herself by one of her co-workers.

Today, both mother and daughter are pursuing advanced degrees with assistance of the Team Member Scholarship Fund. For Gabina, a Master of Science in nursing with a specialization in psychiatric mental health nursing from the University of St. Augustine, and for her daughter Gabriella, a degree in health sciences from the University of North Florida, with plans to graduate this fall. Combined they have received more than $20,000 to further their education from the community’s Team Member Scholarship Fund.

Gabina said the support of her fellow team members, supervisors, scholarship fund committee members and residents has been incredible. “The people at the community that donate the money, they come to me and say, ‘I’m so glad to see that the money I gave is helping you!‘” Gabina said.

The funds are unique in that the scholarships are not required to be used for the benefit of the organization; instead, the money is allocated to meet the educational interests of the team member.

“We approve something that the team member wants, not something that Westminster Suncoast wants,” Mr. Petty said. “In other words, what they’d like to study is what we provide the scholarship for. For example, we had a lady that did nail science and she’s having a ball with it!”

For many, receiving the Team Member Scholarship is a jumping off point for them to pursue their personal passions.

“One of the team members who works in the kitchen is getting his degree in physical therapy,” Mr. Petty said. “We also had a young lady who is a CNA (Certified Nursing Aide) who wanted to become a phlebotomist. She had to go to a special school here in Pinellas County which prepares them for the phlebotomy exam, and we paid for that. There are only 15 people admitted to the program and there were 50 applicants and she got in.”

“I feel like it’s an easy process,” college senior Gabriella said about her time applying and reapplying for the scholarship over the last three years. “There’s two short essays, three prompts, you fill out your information — it is easy to apply.”

What stands between team members and the scholarship is the application process, and having been through it multiple times, team member Gabina encouraged her coworkers to take the plunge and apply.

“I keep telling people about the scholarship, my coworkers and everybody, and most of them are afraid of the process,” she said. “Don’t overthink it. Just go and do it! Start the process and ask questions. There’s always somebody that is going to help you.”

The support for team members extends beyond financial support for recipients of the scholarship. At Westminster Suncoast, they try to pair recipients with team members or residents who have experience in the area they’re studying.

The same support resonates at our Life Plan Community 217 miles away at Westminster Woods on Julington Creek. Gabina recounted how Elaine Goleski, chair of their Team Member Scholarship Fund committee, stays in contact and routinely reaches out to offer encouragement. “She’s very involved,” Gabina said. “Residents and team members, everybody follows up! For me they are very supportive.”

At Westminster Communities of Florida, we recognize and encourage our team members’ pursuit of personal passions. With the Team Member Scholarship Fund, the 2,700 team members throughout the state and their families have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals and further their careers without the financial burden.

To join the team at Westminster Communities of Florida, serve seniors throughout the state and pursue your personal passion, find the opportunity that suits you today at https://www.WestminsterCommunitiesFL.org/careers!

Beat the Heat with our Community Dimension of Well-Being

Living in a community brings many benefits to our lives, from fostering meaningful connections to providing a sense of purpose and belonging. It is also important to consider how our lifestyle and choices impact our community, both environmentally and socially.

This week, we’re exploring the community dimension of well-being and showing how you can thrive in your community this summer. At Westminster Communities of Florida, we strive to provide our residents with opportunities to make their community a part of their well-being. From understanding and valuing how your personal lifestyle and choices impact our community to introducing ways to embrace community every day, we’re diving into how to make your community a part of your overall well-being.

Be dedicated to making the community your home.

Being part of a community is a fundamental part of well-being. Creating meaningful connections with others and feeling like you belong somewhere helps to foster personal growth and improve your overall well-being. That’s why we believe it’s so important to dedicate yourself to making the community your home. Investing in your local area by getting involved in local activities, volunteering, or joining community groups can all help to create lasting relationships with those around you and fill your life with purpose.

It doesn’t stop there either; getting involved in community activities provides an opportunity for people to come together and celebrate common goals, values, and beliefs. Studies show that participating in communal activities results in increased feelings of satisfaction and contentment—so it’s no surprise that dedicating yourself to making your community your home has such positive effects on mental health.

Understand how your personal lifestyle and choices impact our community.

It is important to recognize that the choices we make as individuals have an impact on our community, both environmentally and socially. We must be mindful of how our lifestyle and choices can affect the well-being of others in our community and take steps to ensure that we are creating a safe, healthy environment for everyone.

On the environmental side, small changes in lifestyle can have a big impact. Simple things like buying local produce or using reusable containers instead of disposable plastics can help reduce pollution and waste in our community. We can also choose to use public transportation or carpooling when possible or walk or bike instead of driving for short distances. These small changes add up to create a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone in our community.

Socially responsible actions are equally important when it comes to community well-being. Participating in local events such as clean-up days or fundraisers helps build social cohesion within the neighborhood and strengthens connections between members of the community. Additionally, supporting local businesses helps foster economic growth and development within the area which benefits everyone in some way.

At Westminster Communities of Florida, we provide scheduled transportation, reducing the number of cars on the roads. Our dining teams source local farmers markets for ingredients used in our dishes, and even use fresh herbs and vegetables grown in our resident-cultivated gardens. Residents have plenty of chances for social interaction from volunteering and putting together backpacks filled with school supplies to donate to local students in need, to holding events featuring goods from local businesses, our communities are a great place to support the local community.

Ways to embrace community every day

We all have the power to make a positive impact on our community every day. It’s as simple as choosing to be conscious of how we interact with those around us and to take an active role in bettering our neighborhood and city. Here are some practical tips to embrace community every day:

  1. Get involved: Participate in local events or join a club or organization that works towards making your community better. This could include volunteering at a food bank, cleaning up your local park, or helping out with an animal rescue organization. Not only is this beneficial for the people around you, but it also gives you an opportunity to meet new people and explore new interests.
  2. Shop locally: Choose local stores over big chains whenever possible to support small businesses and keep money circulating within the community. Buying locally-made products also helps reduce environmental costs associated with large-scale production and transport of goods from other places.
  3. Give back: Donating time or money to causes that are important to you is a great way to make a difference in your community without even leaving home! Whether it’s donating items that can be reused or recycled, giving money directly to charities, or providing mentorship through volunteering opportunities—everyone can make an impact no matter their financial means or availability of time.

Strive to make an impact in your community

Taking steps to embrace your community every day can have a positive effect on your well-being. At Westminster Communities of Florida, we recognize the importance and provide our residents with opportunities to get involved, frequent local businesses, and give back.

When you choose to live at a Westminster community, you’ll have access to opportunities and programming with all eight of our dimensions of well-being in mind, including supporting our local community. Learn more about the lifestyle you can enjoy and find the community near you today!

The Importance of Physical Activity: Wellness Programs with Westminster

Florida’s sun doesn’t just light up the skies; it illuminates our lives here at Westminster Communities of Florida. Here, physical activity isn’t just about movement; it’s a symphony of experiences.

Ensuring your golden years shimmer with liveliness, we’ve devoted our community to creating a wellness program that caters to each resident’s unique needs. At Westminster, we believe in keeping both your body and mental wellbeing in excellent shape.

Physical Activity – The Joyous Rhythm of Life

Imagine waking up each day with an eagerness to embrace new adventures. That’s the lifestyle we envision for our residents at Westminster! For our younger seniors, those who still have mountains to climb and oceans to sail, staying active keeps the winds of adventure blowing in their sails.

In the same way, if you’re envisioning a haven for your loved one, we know you imagine a place filled with laughter, energy, and zest. Westminster pledges to be that vibrant sanctuary for all our residents.

Embracing Our My W Life Program

At Westminster, we’ve given it a lot of thought, and we’ve come up with something truly special for our residents: the My W Life program. Wellness isn’t just about doing a few stretches in the morning or having a salad for lunch (though both sounds pretty good!). We believe wellness touches every aspect of our lives, from our bodies to our spirits and everything in between.

Let us break down the aspects of our program for you:

Physical Wellness: We’re not talking just any old fitness classes. Our offerings are all about reaching your personal best, making those smart health choices, and knowing when to seek a helping hand.

Lifelong Learning: Keep that brain of yours buzzing! Whether you’re diving into the arts, picking up some Spanish, or gazing at the stars (thanks, Hubble Telescope!), there’s always something new to learn and explore.

Nutritional Wellness: Picture this: delectable, restaurant-style meals that not only taste amazing but also nourish your body. That’s our goal at Westminster’s communities!

Social & Community Connection: Here, it’s all about bonding and belonging. Strengthen ties with family, make new friends, and immerse yourself in a community that truly values the environment and social harmony.

Emotional Balance: Life can be a roller coaster, and that’s okay! We’re here to help you navigate the highs and lows, express yourself, and find that ever-important emotional equilibrium.

Spiritual Growth: Seeking deeper meaning? We’re on the journey with you, supporting you in aligning your actions with those core beliefs and values that make you, well, YOU.

Vocational Pursuits: Remember those passions and skills you’ve honed over the years? There’s always a place for them here. Dive into volunteer programs or partner with the community to keep that spark alive.

So, when we talk about the My W Life program, it’s not just a program; it’s a lifestyle, a commitment, and a promise we make to all our residents.

Fitness Tailored to Individual Flair

Westminster isn’t one-size-fits all. We understand that every individual has their unique story, everyone has their own unique rhythm. That’s why our fitness initiatives, inspired by the vast resources at Westminster Communities, span a spectrum. From cutting-edge gym facilities to aquatic workouts that merge fun with fitness, choices abound. And for those who seek tranquility with a touch of spirituality, our yoga sessions resonate with peace and poise.

Embracing Nature’s Embrace

Life at Westminster extends beyond the gym walls. Step outside, and nature beckons with open arms. Walking isn’t just about physical exercise; it’s a journey through lush landscapes, where each step reveals a story and every corner whispers a secret. For those with a green thumb, gardening opportunities are a canvas. Plant a seed, nurture it, watch it grow – it’s not just gardening; it’s the creation of life, mirroring the new beginnings our residents experience here daily.

The Rhythmic Pulse of Dance and Music

A community that dances together, thrives together. Dance is an expression, a celebration, and at Westminster, it’s a way of life. It’s not just about steps; it’s about expressing oneself, feeling the music, and letting go. And for those who prefer serenading to sashaying, music programs promise harmony in every note, striking chords that resonate deep within.

To describe life at Westminster Communities as just “retirement living” would be an understatement; it’s reimagining what life in the golden years can be like. Through our commitment, epitomized by programs like My W Life, we’re not merely offering a place to live. We’re offering a realm where every day is a canvas, waiting for our vibrant residents to paint it with their dreams, hopes, and adventures. Every sunrise at Westminster’s communities brings new opportunities, every activity sparks a new passion, and every resident feels at home.

Why Choose Florida? The Advantages of Retiring in the Sunshine State

Have you ever seen a Florida sunset just melting into the ocean, lighting up the sky in hues of gold and purple? Or maybe you’ve strolled around the lively cultural festivals, soaked up the art scenes, or just enjoyed the laid-back, flip-flop lifestyle that Florida embraces. It’s a little piece of paradise that makes every day feel like a vacation. But for seniors, Florida has got an extra sprinkle of magic. It’s not just about the sun-kissed beaches or the palm trees swaying in the breeze. The Sunshine State delivers real, practical benefits that can turn retirement into a grand new adventure. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive into why Florida, especially within a retirement haven like Westminster Communities, is the perfect spot to put your feet up and relish your golden years.

Weather and Natural Beauty

Think about this – how amazing would it be to wake up to sun-drenched days almost 365 days a year? That’s Florida for you. We live in one of those rare spots where you can hit the golf course, take a boat ride, or just wander along the beach nearly every single day. And let’s not forget about the lush green parks, teeming with all sorts of amazing critters, and those jaw-dropping sunsets that look like someone painted the sky. This isn’t your average beauty – it’s a bit of everyday magic that just adds an extra sparkle to life here.

Financial Advantages

Did you know Florida’s got your back when it comes to taxes? Seriously, no state income tax, no estate tax, and no inheritance tax. This means you get to keep more of your hard-earned retirement dough in your pocket. And when you’re living somewhere like Westminster, where all your care needs are rolled into one steady price, managing the budget gets a whole lot easier. It’s a win-win for all of us in our golden years.

Quality Healthcare

Guess what else is great about Florida? We’ve got some of the best healthcare around, and that’s a big deal when you’re looking for a place to retire. Plenty of places here focus specifically on our needs as we age, making sure we get the top-tier care we need, tailored just for us.

And if you’re kicking back at Westminster, you’re all set. We have a whole spectrum of care covered, from residents who just need a little help now and then to those who need more specialized professional nursing care. The best part? Even if your health needs change, you’re close at hand to the care you need. You get to stay right there, in your own community, with the same friendly faces and caring staff you’ve come to know and trust.

Rich Cultural and Recreational Opportunities

Retiring in Florida is anything but boring. This state is bursting at the seams with fun stuff to do. Fancy checking out some local art or getting your groove on at a concert? No problem – Florida’s got you covered. There’s always some fun event or happening in town.

And if you’re hanging your hat at Westminster, you’ll have an all-access pass to all the action. Our community allows access to everything from day trips to local hotspots, big social calendars, and even art classes if you’re feeling a bit creative. Life here isn’t just about taking it easy – it’s about staying busy, keeping your mind sharp, and most importantly, having a whole lot of fun.

Active and Connected Community

Being part of a community isn’t just about having people to wave good morning to. It plays a huge role in keeping our spirits high and minds sharp during our golden years. And in Florida? We’ve got this covered. With so many seniors choosing the Sunshine State, you’ll find plenty of folks who are right there with you.

At Westminster, we strive to create an environment where everyone is looking out for each other. That’s what we call real community living!

Choosing Florida for your retirement isn’t just about trading snow shovels for beach umbrellas. It’s about diving headfirst into a lifestyle that’s buzzing with activity, full of laughter, and rewarding in so many ways. And with top-tier healthcare around the corner and some sweet financial perks, it’s an easy decision.

Westminster Communities isn’t just a place to live, but a place to thrive, to discover new hobbies, and to make lifelong friends. It’s the kind of place where seniors aren’t just getting by, they’re living it up. No surprise then, that the Sunshine State is becoming the top pick for folks to spend their golden years. And at Westminster, we’re making sure that choice is one of the best you’ve ever made.

Beat The Heat With Our Social Dimension of Wellbeing

Westminster Communities of Florida has developed our MyWLife Program and its Eight Dimensions of Wellness, one of these eight dimensions is social. While being social isn’t always as easy as it sounds, it’s important to our health at all ages of life, and is integral to wellness in our latter years. It helps to reduce depression and anxiety, and can even provide a sense of purpose.

As we age, it can become harder to stay social. Seniors may lose connections with their friends, and don’t know where to make new ones. Our bodies and minds may limit our ability to get out, or we may struggle to find the energy for activities we used to enjoy. But Westminster’s MyWLife program for well-being of body, mind and spirit can be the cure: Our Resident Experience teams specialize in social well-being, and they have the needs and interests of residents in mind. They curate a calendar of fun and exciting opportunities to be social — every day!

And the summertime is no different when it comes to planning fun events!

So far this summer, every community has held so many actives. Some of our favorites include a resident dog show, a water volleyball game between residents and team members, art gallery visits and so much more!

But the summer isn’t over yet! There are still so many more things to come. Here are just a few of the upcoming events at Westminster’s Life Plan communities:

  • Line Dancing Lessons
  • Mystery Dinner
  • Comedy House Trip
  • Musical Dining Experience
  • Puppy Play Dates
  • Museum Visits
  • And more!

So no matter which Westminster Community our residents are at, they have countless opportunities to get out and make new friends, spend time with the ones they have, and get have a great time!

Eat Well and Save Money: Grocery Shopping Tips for Seniors

Grocery shopping can be expensive, especially when food prices are on the rise. But with a little bit of planning, you can save money and still get the food you need. AARP: The Magazine recently published 5 great tips for seniors looking to save money at the grocery store. In this blog post, we’ll look at how to make the most of your grocery budget!

Cook from scratch and avoid prepared foods — it costs less and is healthier, too

Cooking from scratch is one of the best ways to save money on groceries and eat healthier. Prepared foods, like pre-packaged snacks and ready-made meals, are often more expensive than making them yourself. They also often contain a lot of highly processed foods, saturated fats, sodium and ingredients you wouldn’t recognize.

When you cook from scratch, you have control over what goes into your food, and you don’t have to break the bank. You can choose fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables or lean proteins. You don’t need to purchase expensive cuts of meat, either — less expensive cuts can be just as tasty when cooked properly. Even if you’re tired of cooking, you can make simple recipes like stir-fries or soups with minimal effort. It can be just as fast as ordering out or heating up something pre-made.

So before you take a trip down the frozen dinner aisle, take a few moments to consider making something homemade instead!

Have a plan for your meals in advance, so you can reuse ingredients and avoid impulsive shopping

Meal planning will save you money on your grocery bill, by buying only what you need. It also lets you reuse ingredients throughout the week, so you can save money by having a plan to use up that whole package of chicken breasts. 

Start small by creating a meal plan for just a few days. Begin by making a list of meals that include overlapping ingredients, such as using ground beef to make spaghetti with meatballs and tacos. You can also check your grocery store’s weekly ads to plan your meals around what’s on sale each week.

When writing your grocery list, make sure to take stock of what you already have in your pantry or refrigerator first. That way, you can use up the can of tomatoes you already have rather than buying a second can.

Buy frozen goods and produce to end waste

Many seniors find that they eat less than they used to, due to changes in the metabolism as we age. To save money and reduce waste, take advantage of minimally processed frozen goods, like fruit and vegetables. Many vegetables that are commonly frozen, like peas and corn, may even be better than fresh in the produce section. Many varieties of fruits and vegetables are available in the freezer section, often at a fraction of the cost of fresh produce. 

Frozen produce is a better healthy choice than canned goods, because it removes the need for preservatives, reducing your exposure to unhealthy chemicals and additives. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about spoilage, since you can cook only what you need, when you need it.

Make sure to look out for discounts, like a “buy one get one free” offer, which can help you stretch your grocery budget even further!

Don’t be afraid to buy high-quality store-brand goods — today’s house brands aren’t the offcast store brands of the ’70s

It’s no secret that store-brand goods are typically cheaper than name brands. However, many consumers don’t realize just how far store-brand products have come regarding quality and taste. Well-known manufacturers often produce today’s house brands and make the same product for Publix Premium or Walmart’s Great Value. You’re just paying less for the packaging. House brands mean you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a bargain — you can still get high-quality products and save money at the same time.

Overall, today’s house brands offer a good value on groceries, while still providing quality assurance. Don’t be afraid to try them out — they could end up saving you big bucks!

Plan your meals around what’s in season or on sale to take advantage of the best prices

Planning your meals around what’s in season or currently on sale can be an effective way to save money when grocery shopping. Additionally, many stores have weekly specials or promotions that you can take advantage of. You may want to see what’s in season at the store, and then look up recipes online that make use of seasonal produce to get creative with meal ideas.

It’s also important to remember that not all sales are worth taking advantage of — some may not save you much money compared to regular prices. Look at what the regular price is, and evaluate whether the savings is worth buying it right now, especially if you don’t need it.

Also, don’t forget about coupons! In addition to the old-fashioned paper coupons, many stores now offer digital coupons that can help you save even more money on groceries each week. 

Don’t feel like cooking? Residents at a Westminster Life Plan Community enjoy restaurant-style dining, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with nutritious and seasonal menus prepared by the talented members of our dining services team. Learn how you can enjoy our menus and find a community near you!

Lifelong Learning: Educational Workshops and Classes for Our Residents

Over here at Westminster Communities in sunny Florida, we’re firm believers that learning isn’t just a phase – it’s a forever thing. Whether you’re a younger senior hungry for some new experiences, an old soul looking to try out something fresh, or perhaps someone seeking an enriching space for their loved one, we’re the go-to spot. Our community strives to stand as a tapestry of life’s lessons. Dive in – the water’s warm and the journey’s ever-inspiring!

Staying Digitally Connected

Gone are the days of just letters and long calls. It’s all about video chats and online everything now. And those nifty digital gadgets? They’re not as intimidating as they might seem. But guess what? Age isn’t anything but a number when it comes to the digital world. Whether your tech-savvy or just dipping your toes in the cyber pond, we’re here to guide the way. At Westminster, we’re here to provide resources to help, so you can FaceTime with the grandkids, binge your favorite series, or even snag tickets to that online concert. Maybe you’ll become the go-to tech guru in your group!

The joy of connecting in this digital age, be it with family or with passions new and old, is genuinely unparalleled. And at Westminster Community, we ensure our residents are adept sailors navigating this vast digital ocean with ease.

Rediscovering the Arts

Art, in all its glory, stirs the soul and awakens the imagination. Curious about painting? Draw inspiration from those jaw-dropping Floridian sunsets or the gentle sway of palm trees. Ever tried pottery? Shape your thoughts while molding clay, feeling the earthy textures tell stories beneath your fingers. Or maybe you’ve got a soft spot for music? From tapping your feet to golden oldies to grooving with today’s hits, our classes strike the right chord. Dive into photography or immerse in sculpture – the choice is yours. At Westminster, it’s more than just art—it’s about bringing our folks together for some quality time, fun, and self-expression. Through each stroke, note, and click, we celebrate life’s vibrant tapestry.

Local History and Culture 

Florida’s not just sunny beaches and palm-fringed coastlines – it’s a rich tapestry of stories, history, and cultural footprints. Beyond the allure of its pristine shores lies a narrative that’s been centuries in the making. We’ve got local history buffs and enthusiasts sharing everything from the state’s indigenous legacy, to swashbuckling pirate tales, to its bustling modern scene. Curious about that unique blend of Spanish colonial influences with contemporary designs? That’s what we love about Florida’s architectural history!

Health and Wellness

At Westminster Communities, you’re not just another face in the crowd; you’re family. Your wellness is our top priority, and we wholeheartedly believe it goes beyond the conventional. Sure, hitting the gym is great, but wellness is a vast, colorful spectrum. Whether you’re looking for tips on scrumptious yet nutritious eats, eager to find your zen in yoga, or maybe just wanting to dance your heart out to your favorite tunes, we’re here for it. With workshops, activities, and expert sessions tailored for every aspect of well-being – mental, physical, emotional – we’re on a mission to ensure you embrace each day with zest, vitality, and that unmistakable Westminster glow.

Gardening and Nature

Nature, with its organic rhythm and soothing embrace, has an uncanny way of grounding us. At Westminster Communities, we offer avenues for you to be one with this tranquility. Roll up your sleeves and dive hands-first into our gardening workshops, where you can cultivate, nurture, and be amazed by the lushness of Florida’s diverse flora. Prefer to be a spectator of nature’s wonders? No problem! Take a leisurely stroll with us on our serene nature walks or grab those binoculars for a spot of birdwatching, reveling in Florida’s vibrant avian tapestry. But remember, it’s more than just about the greenery and feathery friends; it’s a journey of finding calm, basking in pure joy, and fully embracing those rejuvenating outdoor experiences.

Life’s never a straight line; it’s an exhilarating roller coaster of lessons, memories, and growth. At Westminster Communities of Florida, we totally get that! We’re here to make sure this ride is filled with both the comforting warmth of cherished memories and the electrifying buzz of new adventures. So, if you’ve got a zest for life and an appetite for discovery, why not join our vibrant community? Dive into a journey where the past meets the present, all while savoring every twist, turn, and moment of joy.

Beat The Heat With Our Spiritual Dimension of Wellbeing

At Westminster Communities of Florida, we value spiritual wellness as part of our Eight Dimensions of Wellness. These dimensions are all a part of our MyWLife Program, where we understand that whole-body wellness is more than just physical. We believe that spiritual wellness helps to guide and sustain us.

As a part of the spiritual dimension of wellbeing, we especially recognize and respect the importance of faith, prayer, and meditation. To support residents in this way, we offer a variety of services and activities that are designed to nurture spiritual wellness, including religious services, Bible studies, and prayer groups. 

Our chaplaincy team is available to assist residents with spiritual needs and to provide support and guidance for any life transitions. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment that helps residents to develop positive spiritual practices and a sense of peace within themselves.

Want to know more about how our team members go above and beyond to “beat the heat” this summer?

Here are just a few of the offerings at our communities:

  • Bible study
  • Weekly Service
  • Guest Speakers
  • History Classes
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Meditation classes
  • Book clubs

These activities, along with many others, provide a great opportunity for residents of any background to come together and strengthen their faith.

We are committed to creating an environment that is conducive to spiritual growth and to providing our residents with the tools and resources needed to nurture their spiritual wellbeing.

Culture Moment: Being Kind and the 4 Agreements

Each week, the team members of Westminster Communities of Florida celebrate a Culture Moment, with monthly themes led by Amanda Birch, Director of Culture and Mission Integration.

June is host to our focus on how we relate with others. The need for sensitivity, tolerance, acceptance, and simple kindness has never been greater than in today’s society. To navigate our focus, we selected the book The Four Agreements to guide us in kindness rituals. This book takes ancient Toltec wisdom and shares how four agreements can be implement it in today’s busy, fast, and ever-changing world to embrace your true and loving self while reframing your beliefs.

Agreement #1: Be Impeccable With Your Word

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

Consider how many times you have gossiped about a co-worker to gain the support of others for your point of view. How many times have you hooked other people’s attention, and spread poison about a co-worker in order to make your opinion right? Your opinion is nothing but your point of view. It is not necessarily true. Your opinion comes from your beliefs and  your own ego. We create this poison and spread it to others just so we can feel right about our own point of view. To practice this agreement, reflect on a moment where you shared gossip or negativity about someone in the workplace. How could you have handled that differently?

Agreement #2: Don’t Take Anything Personally

Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

When we take things personally, we feel offended, and our reaction is to defend our beliefs and create conflicts. We make something big out of something so little, because we have the need to be right and make everybody else wrong. We also try hard to be right by giving them our own opinions. In the same way, whatever we feel and do is just a projection of our own personal dream, a reflection of our own agreements. What we say, what we do, and the opinions we have are according to the agreements we have made — and these opinions have nothing to do with others. We have to trust ourselves and choose to believe or not to believe what someone says to us. To practice this agreement, reflect on a moment where you felt personally attacked and became defensive. Drill down into the situation, disregarding the people involved. What do you see and how could you have responded differently?

Agreement #3: Don’t Make Assumptions

Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

It is always better to ask questions than to make an assumption, because assumptions set us up for suffering. We have the need to justify everything, to explain and understand everything, in order to feel safe. We have millions of questions that need answers because there are so many things that the reasoning mind cannot explain. It is not important if the answer is correct; just the answer itself makes us feel safe. This is why we make assumptions. We have to be what we are, so we don’t have to present a false image. If you like me the way I am, “Okay, take me.” If you don’t like me the way I am, “Okay, bye-bye. Find someone else.” It may sound harsh, but this kind of communication means the personal agreements we make with others are clear and impeccable. To practice this agreement, reflect on a moment where you provided vague instruction or clarity around what it is you were looking for. What did you get in return and how could you have communicated differently?

Agreement #4: Always Do Your Best

Your best is going to change from moment to moment. It will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstances, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

Just do your best — in any circumstance in your life. If you always do your best there is no way you can judge yourself. And if you don’t judge yourself there is no way you are going to suffer from guilt, blame, and self-punishment. When you always do your best, you take action. Doing your best is taking the action because you love it and want to do it, not because you’re expecting a reward or trying to please other people. You know you’re doing your best when you are enjoying the action or doing it in a way that will not have negative repercussions for you. When you are doing your best just for the pleasure of doing it, you are taking action because you enjoy the action. You can only be you when you do your best. When you don’t do your best you are denying yourself the right to be you. That’s a seed that you should nurture in your mind. You don’t need the acceptance of others. You express your own divinity by being alive and by loving yourself and others. To practice this agreement, reflect on a moment where you did not feel like you were at your “best”. What did you discover? Were you attempting to please someone else? Did you feel good about the end result? What would you do differently in the future?

To learn more about our team member culture, and how a Westminster career may be right for you, read more on our Careers page!

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