What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day Gifts When You Live Far Apart

Mothers Day Gifts From Far Away

Mother’s Day is a special time of year to show our moms how much we appreciate them, but that can be hard to do if you live far away. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your Mom, we have some great ideas to help you show your love and appreciation from afar. Read on for some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that will bridge the distance between you and your Mom this year.


Whether your mom loves books, flowers, beauty products or wine, there are a variety of subscription boxes available that can help bring her joy each month. If your mom loves to read then why not get her a book subscription? Find a package that includes monthly selections tailored to suit your mom’s tastes. If your mom loves flowers, set up a delivery every month so she can enjoy fresh blooms all year round. And for those Mom’s who love a glass of wine after a long day, a monthly service can share samples along with pairing recommendations and recipes – perfect for a night in! No matter what interests or hobbies your Mom has, there is a subscription box that will fit her lifestyle perfectly. By signing up you can ensure that even when you’re far apart on Mother’s Day, you’ll be able to give her something special each month throughout the year.


If you’re constantly snapping photos of your family, but struggle to share them with Mom in a timely manner, this might be the gift for mom. If she’s not on social media, she may not be up-to-date with all your family developments and milestones like the rest of your followers. Share them with her using a digital frame. Simply use the app to upload your latest images for mom to view instantly. Share it with your siblings so they can contribute, too! She’ll feel connected to you no matter how far away you are.

But what if your mom prefers a physical copy? Create a book of photos using Chatbooks, Mixbook or Shutterfly to share your recent images. Build it right from your phone and send mom a bound album she can flip through any time.


If your mom is the best cook you know, a great way to show your love and appreciation might be to safeguard her favorite family recipes. Whether it’s a casserole you enjoyed as a family during the holidays or a homemade bread recipe your grandmother made when the zucchinis were ripe, these treasured recipes are often passed down through generations. To keep them around for many more years, consider creating an heirloom-quality recipe tin, cutting board, or tea towel using the recipe that can be displayed in her kitchen. No matter how far away she may be, sending one of these thoughtful gifts will show how much you appreciate the time spent making cherished family recipes together.


Video chatting has become an invaluable tool for staying connected with loved ones who are far away. Set up a time on Mother’s Day to video chat and enjoy a meal together like breakfast or lunch. By being in the same virtual space, even if it’s not in person, you’ll both feel more connected and create a special shared experience. Depending on where each of you are located, try matching up local dishes from each region that you both can enjoy during your conversation. This way she’ll get to experience something new and exciting while connecting with you!


This might be just what mom asked for. Greeting cards and a phone call are simple but meaningful gifts to give your Mom this Mother’s Day, even if you are far away. A phone call is a great way to connect with her, especially if you don’t get the chance to catch up as much as you’d like. For an extra special touch, send her a beautiful Love Pop greeting card that is sure to make your mom feel loved and appreciated from afar. There’s a card design for every kind of Mom out there, you can even send one that opens into a bouquet of flowers! This way she’ll have something tangible that she can keep and treasure forever – no matter how far away she may be.

From subscription boxes to video calls, you can find something that will make your mother feel special and loved even when you’re not in the same town. Do you already have a gift for your mom? How are you planning on showing your appreciation for her? Let us know in the comments!

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