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Self-Care Strategies (Part 1)

Self-Care is important, but lack of time, energy, and money can make it feel impossible. Two predictors of how we weather storms are if we feel we are able to take action on our own behalf and if we feel we have support from others. The tips below include practices that can help with both:

Do what you can and let go of the rest: It feels far easier, and even more fun in the short term, to spend my energy complaining about things I cannot control. But doing this gives my power away and leaves my wellbeing in the hands of others. When I focus on the actions I can take, I keep a far better perspective on most things in my life and work.

Access support: Strong social connections can help with anxiety and depression, healthier heart rates, and a more balanced perspective on all of life’s events. Those connections can be made during a phone call with a loved one on our way to work, by sharing funny memes with friends, using a video-call app to visit with a family member while cooking dinner, or talking with a colleague on a 15-minute break from work.

More to follow…

Resource: 10 Self-Care Strategies for Professional Caregivers, Dr. Carla Cheatham, MA, MDiv, PhD, TRT

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