Beat The Heat With Our Social Dimension of Wellbeing

Westminster Communities of Florida has developed our MyWLife Program and its Eight Dimensions of Wellness, one of these eight dimensions is social. While being social isn’t always as easy as it sounds, it’s important to our health at all ages of life, and is integral to wellness in our latter years. It helps to reduce depression and anxiety, and can even provide a sense of purpose.

As we age, it can become harder to stay social. Seniors may lose connections with their friends, and don’t know where to make new ones. Our bodies and minds may limit our ability to get out, or we may struggle to find the energy for activities we used to enjoy. But Westminster’s MyWLife program for well-being of body, mind and spirit can be the cure: Our Resident Experience teams specialize in social well-being, and they have the needs and interests of residents in mind. They curate a calendar of fun and exciting opportunities to be social — every day!

And the summertime is no different when it comes to planning fun events!

So far this summer, every community has held so many actives. Some of our favorites include a resident dog show, a water volleyball game between residents and team members, art gallery visits and so much more!

But the summer isn’t over yet! There are still so many more things to come. Here are just a few of the upcoming events at Westminster’s Life Plan communities:

  • Line Dancing Lessons
  • Mystery Dinner
  • Comedy House Trip
  • Musical Dining Experience
  • Puppy Play Dates
  • Museum Visits
  • And more!

So no matter which Westminster Community our residents are at, they have countless opportunities to get out and make new friends, spend time with the ones they have, and get have a great time!

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