Culture Moment: Leadership Accountability, The Three C’s of Accountability

Do you know the three C’s of accountability? Each week, the team members of Westminster Communities of Florida celebrate a Culture Moment, with monthly themes led by Amanda Birch, Director of Culture and Mission Integration. Today’s Culture Moment is about the three C’s of accountability.

Managing accountability begins with our first conversation, when we request something. Your request must have clarity to generate a clear understanding of what is expected. Commitment is the key to accountability. Effective leaders know how to generate a committed promise to fulfill the request. Once the agreement is in place, you need courage to maintain accountability. More on the three C’s of accountability:

Clarity: When is it required? How will we assess whether it is complete? Who is going to do it? Why is it needed?

Commitment: Lead with commitment by staying in touch and offering help if needed. This is different from gaining compliance where you are managing every aspect to ensure completion.

Courage: This MUST HAVE trait for any leader gives us the ability to have the difficult conversations. When you are giving regular and early feedback to your team members about how they are performing, you are establishing a culture of constructive feedback. This makes those difficult conversations easier.

Do you struggle with any of the three C’s? If so, plan to grow your competencies in those areas by practicing what you have learned.


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