Westminster Communities of Florida enters into affiliation agreement with Florida Presbyterian Homes of Lakeland

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an affiliation agreement with Florida Presbyterian Homes, a Life Plan Community in Lakeland, Fla. CEO Terry Rogers said, “We’re honored and delighted to be welcoming Florida Presbyterian Homes into the Westminster family, and to extend our mission of service to their residents.” Read all about the announcement today.


3 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Loved Ones in Assisted Living

With Halloween quickly approaching, you’re likely making plans for how your family is going to celebrate. While Halloween parties and trick-or-treating are common ways to celebrate Halloween, you may be wondering how to include your loved one in assisted living in the festivities. 

Many older adults in assisted living facilities are unable to leave their residences, but they still want to participate in the holiday. Fortunately, there are simple ways to bring Halloween to them! Check out three great ways to celebrate Halloween with loved ones in assisted living in Florida.

Celebrating Halloween in Assisted Living in Florida

Is your parent or other loved one currently in assisted living? Check out three ways you can bring Halloween to them and help them celebrate the occasion.

1. Watching Spooky Movies

If your loved one doesn’t scare easily, a great way to get in the Halloween spirit is by watching spooky movies with them. You can pick some of their old favorites or new ones they might enjoy. Bring along some friends or family members to add to the audience and make it a group activity. Make sure you don’t forget the popcorn and candy to snack on!

2. Carving Pumpkins

Another fun way to celebrate Halloween with your loved ones in assisted living is by carving some pumpkins. This will be especially fun if you bring along any grandchildren or other family members. 

Make sure to bring along several small pumpkins that are easy to lift and carving tools that are safe to use for those with limited motor skills. Your senior loved one will be able to partake in a Halloween tradition and make a special memory with family members. 

If carving pumpkins is not an option, there are other creative alternatives that can be Halloween-themed. Many Florida assisted living facilities have arts and crafts centers where you can join your loved one for some Halloween painting or drawing!

3. Wearing Fun Costumes

There’s no age limit when it comes to dressing up for Halloween! To celebrate the holiday with your loved one in assisted living, you can dress up in fun costumes. Dress up as a funny character, and bring some costumes and accessories that your loved one may want to wear. This will help them get in the Halloween spirit and remember all the fun they had dressing up in their younger years.

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