What is a Life Plan Community?

Introduction to Memory Care and Assisted Living

A life plan community aims to offer aging individuals a conducive environment to spend their senior lives healthily. The idea is to ensure that every senior has the peace of mind, comfort, and health they deserve. Often, you could also refer to these life plan communities as a Continuing Care Retirement Community.

Besides offering independent living residences, a life plan community provides higher levels of care. That means you could rely on assisted living Florida and other services if you need significant attention or long-term care.

Services Offered in a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Most life plan communities offer various health care services under one roof. Some of the continuum services you get in these facilities will include the following.

Assisted Living: Assisted living is a healthcare program aimed at helping seniors handle various everyday tasks. The idea is to ensure that the given individual maintains their independence.

Independent Living: This arrangement ensures that the individual maintains their independence, even as they age.

Skilled Nursing: These facilities boast various medical care professionals, including experienced nurses. These nurses will help provide occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing care, and physical therapy to seniors.

Specialty Transportation: Specialty transportation is offered to seniors, ensuring that they run their errands comfortably.

Housekeeping Services: Housekeeping services cover various elements, including janitorial services and apartment cleaning. A hygienic environment ensures that seniors are less susceptible to different health conditions.

Flexible Dining Options: Seniors need access to nutritious and top-quality foods. Thankfully, life plan communities ensure that the individuals have convenient and delicious dining options!

Host of Programs: This facility gives the seniors access to various programs, including fitness, educational classes, and art programs. This way, they remain active and entertained.

Do Life Plan Communities Offer Memory Care?

Comprehensive memory care is a structured program that helps lower stress among people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is a high-level form of care, providing the expert support that these conditions require. Westminster’s life plan communities are prepared to assist your loved ones!

What is Memory Care?

Memory care facilities provide a secure environment, along with supportive dementia therapies, person-centered care, and coordinated health care. In conclusion, life plan communities are an incredible choice for seniors in any community. Enjoy a comfortable, healthy lifestyle with the personalized care that Westminster Communities can offer!

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