Understanding Florida Assisted Living Jargon

For medical professionals, the comprehensive list of terms surrounding senior health care becomes second nature to use over time. For adult children and a concerned public, this assisted living jargon may be confusing and lead to more questions than answers. Assisted living experts in Florida want you to know more about some of the common jargon associated with Florida assisted living facilities.


If you’re seeking services in Florida assisted living facilities, then you should know how qualified the service provider is since your loved ones will require assistance. Accreditation refers to the process by which a service is typically self-evaluated, then peer-reviewed by an agency or association to determine its credibility and ability to meet quality standards. Always double-check a program’s accreditation to ensure your loved ones get the best care possible, especially when you’re looking into Florida assisted living facilities.

Activities of Daily Living

These include showering, bathing, eating, and medication administration. These are daily activities of self-care that are intended to keep your family members healthy. Your loved ones will continue striving to care for themselves every day while living in Florida assisted living facilities. If your loved one is in memory care or requires close health monitoring, the public should know that special care and training are involved so that these needs are met.

Aging in Place

Despite physical or mental handicap, in some cases, a senior citizen may retain the right to continue living under their own care, even though others may not recommend so. When a loved one chooses to age in place, this may be hard on family members. However, adult children may find it useful to communicate with their loved ones regarding this process before getting too involved at once.

The Administration on Aging

This organization is meant to protect the rights of the elderly while providing them with educational resources and other helpful services. Families should keep this organization in mind as they’re going through the process of referring someone to assisted living. Many of memory care services are important to know in particular.

These are four specific terms that you’ll hear during your discussions surroundings senior care. They may sound like confusing buzzwords but in reality, you’ll want to know more about the organizations and phrases associated with the senior care industry.

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