Four Reasons to Integrate Meditation into Florida Independent Living

Meditation keeps our thoughts relaxed and engaged, allowing us to age gracefully. Meditation can provide these unexpected health benefits by infusing awareness into a senior’s mind, body, and soul at Florida assisted living facilities. Learn these 4 reasons to integrate meditation into your assisted living or independent living lifestyle.  

Heightened Attention Span at Assisted Living Florida

Meditation activities at assisted living facilities that are focused can improve the strength and endurance of your attention span. Meditation can prevent age-related mental impairments, according to a 2017 study published in the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement. 

The study revealed that the training endured by participants improved their emotional well-being and helped them perform better on activities requiring focus and attention. Assisted living Florida facilities take these findings to heart.

Meditation Relieves Anxiety and Stress

One of the most well-known benefits of meditation is the reduction of stress and anxiety. Assisted living Florida notes that, according to a 2016 survey, 21.6 percent of adults begin meditating to relieve stress, while 29.2 percent reduce anxiety.

During meditation, you may focus your mind on removing ideas that are stressful to your emotional health to help you handle any stress-related illnesses at assisted living FL.

Assisted Living Practices Meditation for Pain Relief

Because your physical sense of pain is related to your mind, it might be amplified when you’re stressed. It’s a terrific technique to manage discomfort. When you meditate in assisted living facilities, your body becomes aligned with neural system rhythms by taking a breath up to six times each minute.

Assisted Living Meditation Reduces Memory Loss Risk

Experts proved that meditation reduces the symptoms of memory loss, and every assisted living facility in Florida acknowledges this. Meditation has been shown to raise telomerase, an enzyme needed to slow the progression of disorders like Alzheimer’s, by 43 percent. 

Furthermore, studies discovered that those who meditate regularly can tap into the strength or emotion of their subconscious mind, allowing their brain to retain more information, something which is practiced at assisted living in Florida.

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