4 Ways to Stay Connected with Family in Assisted Living Through Technology

Now more than ever, physical distance is the greatest obstacle keeping families apart, especially for those with loved ones in assisted living facilities. Even with COVID-19 afoot, we are still enabled to remain in touch with those in assisted living, both inbound and outbound. Technology makes this easier than ever! Continue reading to learn how to optimize technology to remain close with family despite distance and disease.

Smart Phones

According to a recent report, four out of ten seniors own and operate a smart phone – a figure that has doubled since 2013. These incredible inventions allow owners to hold the power of the internet within the palms of their hands, which means anything is possible with a viable Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, smartphones offer access to an array of communication apps which make it possible to connect face-to-face, in addition to a plethora of other benefits. Phones don’t have to be used only as text machines, and the elderly are also more proficient than ever at mastering these tools, which makes smart phones incredibly useful for staying in touch.

Video Chat

The ability to place video calls is not restricted to smart phones only, you can just as easily do the same thing with tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. These devices also provide a much larger interface and, therefore, a bigger and clearer picture of those you are chatting with. Not only is this practical for catching up with loved ones that you have not been able to see for a long time, but it is also a great benefit for telehealth and other ways of staying healthy during the pandemic. Besides this, video chats also allow participants to enjoy in games together, no matter how many miles may separate them. Skype and Zoom are two free and intuitive chat services that have taken off recently, and they are excellent tools for staying connected.


Yes, email is classic but it is just as effective as ever at keeping people linked together. Though email does not promise as personal a touch as video chatting, it is still easy to share photos, videos, recipes, and important family updates. Recent updates to email also allow users to share calendars, so that everyone in the family can be kept up to speed on appointments and other important life happenings, like birthdays or graduations.

Social Media

Social platforms such as Facebook have boomed since the turn of the century and they are still on their current trajectory towards the stratosphere. Social media can be an open forum for posts of all kinds from those that you friend or follow, but you can just as easily temper your intake of material by creating private groups with your friends and family to limit the white noise. All it takes is an account and you can instantly tap into your loved ones.

Seeking out an independent living or assisted living community for your elderly beloved does not have to be something to fear, because it is easier than ever to stay in touch even after they have begun their residency there. Westminster Woods on Julington Creek in Jacksonville, FL offers an interactive lifestyle without compromises and our residents benefit from a full array of services and healthcare options, including memory care and skilled nursing. Reach out as soon as possible to get started on finding your home here!

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