Celebrate Your Life With Us All Throughout 2020

Celebrating Your Life 2020

All year, we’re making our exciting and active lifestyle more interesting with our fun calendar of themed events, called “Celebrating Your Life.” These themed events celebrate active living and stimulate wellbeing of body, mind and soul. Within each month’s theme are a variety of interesting events, from food tastings to road trips, and community celebrations of every size. Each month, we score ourselves — and name a winner!

Read more about our Celebrating Your Life calendar for 2020.Celebrating Your Life: Images fron January 2020Celebrating Your Life: Images fron January 2020

January: New Beginnings

We rang in the new year with lots of fun New Year’s-themed events, plus a variety of innovative twists on the meaning of the word “beginnings.” At Westminster Point Pleasant, we saw a community baby shower for at-risk moms, whereas Westminster Shores’ fitness team designed new wellness exercises, and a dinner featuring dishes from “New” states and regions, like New England clam chowder and New Orleans beignets, brightened a few palates at Westminster Woods on Julington Creek.

Please congratulate January’s winners:

  • First Place: Westminster Palms and Westminster Shores (tie)
  • Second Place: Westminster Woods on Julington Creek
  • Third Place: Westminster St. Augustine

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