Westminster Is “Celebrating Your Life” for 2020 with Exclusive Resident Lifestyle Events

We’re so excited that we can start the new year at our communities by kicking off our “Celebrating Your Life,” an annual calendar of monthly lifestyle events which strives to enhance the resident experience at every community. We already know that the exciting and active lifestyle our residents enjoy is great, but we’re making it better with a focus on fun and engaging thematic events. It’s another way that a Westminster community is more than just a place to live — it’s a way of life.

Our goal is to ensure that we bring out every dimension of our exclusive MyWLife program for wellbeing of body, mind and soul, involving every department and all of the residents. This fun and engaging theme helps us capture the true celebration of life.

Last year, we enjoyed embracing the many wonderful memories of our residents and the importance of living life in the moment. This year, for “Celebrating Your Life,” our communities will be celebrating:

  • January: New Beginnings
  • February: Express Love
  • March: Women and Men in History
  • April: Going Green
  • May: Taking Care of Yourself
  • June: Summer School
  • July: Patriotism
  • August: Technology
  • September: Humor
  • October: World Showcase
  • November: Thanksgiving
  • December: Holidays

Each month’s program will cover MyWLife’s Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing — Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Nutritional, Social, Community, Lifelong Learning and Vocational — and will involve residents and employees in the celebration.

To make things a little more interesting we’re going to be scoring ourselves each month on who did the best job — and an overall winner for 2020. We’ll be announcing 2019’s overall winner soon, and we can’t wait to see how this year’s celebrations turn out.

Join us all year to follow along with “Celebrating Your Life”!

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