Cook Along With Us and Celebrate A Westminster Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to share a special holiday meal. We say thanks for our blessings and share our gratitude for our family, friends and loved ones. Then, we feast! This year, we’re inviting you to celebrate a Westminster Thanksgiving by sharing our communities’ menu with you. Our excellent chefs created a delicious, well-rounded menu for a whole Thanksgiving feast menu for you to enjoy, from the perfect turkey to soup, salad, side dishes and dessert. Cook along with us — make just one recipe, or make the whole feast! Download the recipes below and enjoy. We can’t wait to hear what you enjoy.


The Turkey Centerpiece

Feast On These Side Dishes


Start and End Your Holiday Meal Right

Dining isn’t just part of residents’ lifestyle at a Westminster community. It’s an integral component of our My W Life program for wellbeing of body, mind and soul! Our dedicated dining team members work hard to put delicious and nutritious cuisine on your table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day. We want you to enjoy how delectable dining can be.

Whether you make one dish or the whole meal, we hope you enjoy your taste of our Thanksgiving recipes!

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