New Resident Experience Program Encourages Residents and Employees to Celebrate Life

Something big is happening in our communities across the state. Residents at Westminster Manor are celebrating with a clamorous drum circle, while residents at Westminster Suncoast are taking group walks along the water. What could be the cause of so much celebration?

Westminster Communities of Florida has unveiled its newest annual lifestyle event—Celebrating Your Life. This exciting initiative introduces a monthly calendar of various themed activities and events to appeal to our MyWLife wellbeing program’s Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing:  physical, nutritional, community, lifelong learning, spiritual, emotional, vocational, and social. Around the state, we’re working hard to facilitate these festive celebrations all year long. 

“Residents will embrace many wonderful memories and learn how to care more for themselves,” said Josh Alfrey, Wellbeings Coordinator for Westminster Communities of Florida. Alfrey provides guidance to program facilitators and judges the monthly competition between employee teams at all communities. “Our goal is to incorporate all departments working together to focus on the Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing and really highlight each aspect every month.”

Celebrating Your Life is different from last year’s very successful Westminster Travels America initiative, which focused on locations around the U.S.  This year’s theme focuses on you! January’s theme celebrated “New Beginnings” as communities across the state planned New Year’s celebrations, learned new traditions, and discussed resolutions. February celebrated “Express Love” as residents organized Valentine’s and wedding memory parties. March was all about “Celebrating You,” encouraging everyone to soul search and date themselves to find what they like and who they can connect with. April was family month, as residents across the state shared the memories and traditions that bring neighbors closer.

There’s an event for everyone. For example, the Westminster Oaks Dining Services team hosted a menu tasting for neighbors and friends to mingle and decide which new flavors would be added to the menus. In Orlando, festive neighbors and friends at Westminster Winter Park danced the night away at a St. Patrick’s Day dance.

What is May’s focus? This month we’re celebrating women, including our mothers, caregivers, and those in leadership.

Here’s the rest of the year’s monthly calendar for an exciting 2018:

June: “Celebrate Men”

July: “Celebrate Patriotism” 

August: “Celebrate Vacations”

September: “Celebrate Sports”

October: “Celebrate the Florida Lifestyle”

November:  “Celebrate Thanksgiving”

December: “Celebrate Holidays”

To learn more about how our wellbeing programs can enhance residents’ and employees’ lifestyles, read more on our MyWLife page.

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