3 Fun Holiday Traditions for Families that Live Far Apart

The holidays are in full swing, and that means many people are spending time with their friends and family.

Families who live far apart may be wondering how they can celebrate together with so much distance between them. You may feel like it’s difficult to have holiday traditions with certain relatives, but it’s still possible to make special memories from farther away. Here are three fun holiday traditions for families that live far apart.

1. Regular Video Chats

With continual advancements in smartphone technology, video chats have become a popular way to keep in touch with long-distance family members. If you want to establish a new tradition with a faraway family member, consider scheduling regular video chats throughout the holidays.

Try sharing a meal over Facetime or opening presents virtually on Christmas morning. Doing so will help you feel close, even when you can’t be physically.

2. Sharing Special Cards

Sending cards is a beloved holiday custom for many. If you have family living far away, consider sending them a special holiday card with a handwritten message inside.

You can include recent photographs of yourself, your spouse, your kids or pets, or your other family members. To make it more personal, craft your own card instead of buying a premade one from the store.

This is an especially nice idea for residents of Florida assisted living facilities, who often can’t be with their loved ones for the holidays.

3. Sending Handmade Gifts

If you’re thinking about sending gifts to a long-distance family member this holiday season, you can make your gift stand out by making it by hand. Whether it’s a crafting project, a scrapbook, a collection of original poems, or a one-of-a-kind piece of art, your recipient will no doubt love getting something you took the time to create.

Who knows? Your creativity may even kick-start a new tradition among other family members who want to give more personalized gifts.

Celebrating the Holidays While Assisted Living in Florida

If you have a loved one in assisted living in Florida, you can still find ways to make the season bright, even if you can’t be together.

If you’re unable to visit them in person, try holding regular video chats, sending them a handmade card, or hand-making unique gifts for them to enjoy. In this way, you and your faraway family members can establish fun new traditions for future holidays.

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