Homesick? How to Help a Loved One Feel Right at Home in Florida Independent Living

If your loved one is looking for an independent living facility, there are a number of retirement communities in Florida that you can look into. After finding the right one for your loved one, you may worry about how the move may impact them. Many seniors often go through a transition period where they leave behind their old home for a new life. That can be rough, but fortunately, there are steps you can take to help them feel less homesick, and more at home. Here are a few tips to help your loved one feel right at home when transitioning into retirement living communities. 

Prepare a Few of Your Loved Ones Favorite Meals

One of the ways that you can help a loved one to feel right at home as they transition into Florida independent living is to prepare a few of their favorite meals and deliver them to them. Another option is to make a batch of their meals and freeze them so they have a freezer full of food ready to go. Having familiar home cooked meals can give your loved one something familiar and comforting, while also freeing up some of their time so that they can go meet their neighbors and get acquainted with the community, rather than cooking their meals. 

Make Sure Your Loved One Knows Where Everything They Need Is

Another way that you can help your loved ones not feel so homesick when they move to a retirement community is to ensure they know where everything they need is. You can feel really homesick if you can’t find your favorite shows on television or you do not know where the nearest grocery store is. Take the time to leave your loved one a list of the television channels they will need, a list of phone numbers for their friends and relatives, and show them how to get to the nearest drug store and grocery store. 

Be Sure to Visit Your Loved One Often 

The final way to ensure your loved one feels less homesick and more at home is to visit your loved one often. Being able to see their family often can help your loved ones continue to feel loved and give them a sense of familiarity in a new setting. If possible, try to rotate visits with family and friends to ensure your loved one has a lot of visitors and plenty of support as they start this new chapter of their life. 

Learn More About Retirement Communities

Starting a new chapter in life can be a little bit scary as you leave your old life behind, but it can also be exciting, as there are many new possibilities that await you. Helping your loved ones prepare for independent living facilities and then helping them with the transition helps to ensure they feel less homesick and more at home in their new living situation. If you are looking for a Florida retirement community for your loved one, contact us at Westminster Communities of Florida to learn more about our many communities!

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