5 Easter Activites for Grandparents to Do With Grandkids

5 Easter Activities To Do With Your Grandkids

Chocolate eggs are in the grocery store, Peeps are on display and Easter is right around the corner! Being with family at Easter offers an opportunity to bond with your grandchildren. If you’re looking for something to do together outside of dyeing eggs, here are 5 more fun ways you can connect with your grandchildren.

  1. Easter Scavenger Hunt: Try this twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt. If you have grandchildren of varying ages, the little ones can search for plastic eggs or chocolate bunnies while the older children are challenged by riddles and puzzles leading them to clues around the house or yard. Find Easter scavenger hunt cards online (like these!) and consider customizing your scavenger hunt to reference your family members or specific places in your home.
  2. Make an Easter Treat: Cooking and baking are great group activities with a delicious reward for your hard work. Scroll through these 50 Easter Recipes Grandkids Can Help Make from Taste of Home to find recipes for jelly bean bark, cinnamon roll bunnies and fluffy bunny pancakes. You’ll find a variety of recipes to the ages and abilities of your grandchildren. Get the kids involved in the process! Have them read the recipes, measure out ingredients, stir and mix and, of course, taste test.
  3. Planting Flowers: Do you have a green thumb? Get the little ones excited for the flowers to sprout by planting one together. Make it personalized by picking out what you’d like to plant, decorating the flowerpot and learning about how to care for the flower together. If you don’t have a flowerpot handy, use eggshells set in an egg carton as a home for your seedlings. Don’t have a green thumb? “Plant” some jellybeans in a flowerpot and return to your pot later in the day to find that lollipops have sprouted in their place!
  4. Read Together: Snuggle up and read an Easter-themed book. Many of the characters your grandchildren love to read about have Easter-themed storylines from The Berenstain Bears and Pete the Cat to Curious George and the Little Blue Truck. They’ll love going on Easter adventures with their favorite protagonists in books like “Happy Easter, Mouse!” “It’s Better Being a Bunny” and “Happy Easter from The Crayons.” Stop by your local library to pick up some seasonal stories to read together, or if you’re too busy out on a scavenger hunt to sit down and read, purchase some of these titles and add them to their Easter basket.
  5. Arts & Crafts: Another way to cater your Easter activities to the specific ages of your grandchildren is to create some artwork together. Older kids can create or color more advanced drawings of their own images. For younger kids, use their hand or footprint to make a bouquet of flowers to display. Check out this list of the 80 Best Easter Crafts for Kids and Adults to Celebrate Spring from Good Housekeeping for a plethora of ideas for DIY projects from origami bunnies to an Easter wreath made of painted cupcake liners.

Which of these five activities do you plan on doing with your grandchildren this Easter? Try them out and let us know which activities were a hit with your family.

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